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MAS Vital is the entry-level model in the MAS series. The simply heard option enables clear and easy application. With a strength of 3 mT (30 Gauss), the MAS Vitalbecomes the medium-strength magnetic field systems and interest frequencies from 0.2 – 9,999 Hertz. Five areas of application for a wide range of applications (relaxation, gentle stimulation, activation, sport and musculoskeletal system). Sine and rectangular impulses are in the perception

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A lot is demanded from our body every day and we seldom give it the opportunity to relax. With programs 1 – 2 the organism regains energy and reacts positively to stress.

Programs 4 to 6 are specially designed to gently stimulate certain areas of the human body.

Programs 7 to 10 are especially designed for “Activation” of various body functions, such as detoxification, digestion, etc.

During active sports and exercise, it can happen that the body is overworked. The “Sport” program group can support the regeneration process and is specially designed for use before and after physical activity. Program 12 serves as a supplement and if the musculoskeletal system is under constant strain. This program generates square waves which are known for particularly effective stimulation of the cell.

385 m copper wire ensure strong performance

MAS magnetic field systems meet the highest quality standards. Over 385 meters of copper wire are built into the MAS Vital mats and pillows. MAS wellness systems are able to generate pure sine frequencies. This is particularly important because these frequencies come closest to the natural vibrations of the human body.

MAS Vital

The MAS Powerline is available as a complete system with MAS mat and pillow or as a single system with applicator of your choice.


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