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MAS Powerline is the entry-level model in the MAS series of devices. The easy user interface enables a clear and easy use. With a strength of 3 mT (30 Gauss) the MAS Powerline is a medium-strong magnetic field systems and generates Frequencies from 0.2 – 9,999 Hertz. Five program areas ensure a wide range of application (relaxation, gentle stimulation, activation, sport and musculoskeletal system). Sinus and square pulses are matched to the respective fields of application.

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385 m of copper wire ensure strong performance

MAS magnetic field systems meet the highest quality standards. Over 385 meters of copper wire are built into the MAS Vital mats and pillows. MAS wellness systems are able to generate pure sinus frequencies. This is of particular importance because these frequencies come closest to the natural vibrations of the human body.

MAS Vital

The MAS Powerline is available as a complete system with MAS mat and pillow or as a single system with an applicator of your choice.


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