MAS Special Multi +
Professional PEMF system for homeuse
For individuall PEMF applications

Every human is unique. In order to explorethe greatest potential of magnetic therapy, it is important to make it as individual as possible. The MAS Special Multi + is a multifunction device that supports all common parameters of a magnetic field application. It was specially developed for professional home use and is freely programmable in all functions. The pre-installed programs can be individually set and saved.

MAS Special Multi + at a glance

Discover the variety of programs

The MAS Special Multi + is equipped with 94 programs. Depending on the area of application, these programs are divided into 9 program groups. Of course, in addition to the pre-installed programs, all parameters of the magnetic field application can be freely programmed and saved separately in program area IV.

A lot is demanded of our body every day. It is therefore necessary to give him the opportunity to regenerate in the best possible way. The program group “Wellness” can support the health of your body. Use these programs as often as you like each day and help your body to feel better and more energized.

Reflex zones are a fascinating area of our organism. They are used to send impulses to the brain and from there to the responsible area of the organ that is assigned to the reflex zone. The MAS Special Multi + can support reflexology treatment and help the organism to find its harmonic balance.

The organs of the human body follow an internal clock and are alternately intensively supplied with life energy within the 24 hours of a day. In these phases, programs from the “Biorythmus” program group can be used to target individual areas of the body. The sawtooth frequencies in this group cover the largest possible frequency range.

The human body vibrates at pure sine frequency. The different vibrations depend on various activities of the body and ensure the flow of energy. The pulsating magnetic field application can support all body functions. With the help of the individual vibrations, the body can regenerate itself in the daily cycle.

During active sports and exercise, it can happen that you put too much strain on your body. The program group “Sport” can support the regeneration process and is specially adapted to the needs of active people.

Program groups I and II contain a number of program proposals covering a wide range of areas. Program group II is specially designed for people who are more sensitive to magnetic field applications. The program proposals are based on scientific studies and are described with application suggestions.

In program group III you will find all frequency patterns currently on the market that are used for magnetic field applications. These include the frequency forms sawtooth, multi-resonance, square wave and pulse signal with increasing positive half-wave.

Since everyone reacts individually to the magnetic field application, it is a huge advantage to individually design the magnetic field application. The preinstalled programs serve as reference values, but they can be freely reprogrammed in all parameters. Up to 30 individually created programs can be saved in program group IV.

402.98 m copper wire ensure strong performance

MAS magnetic field systems meet the highest quality standards. MAS Special Multi + mats and pillows contain over 400 meters of copper wire. MAS Wellness Systems are able to generate pure sine frequencies. This is particularly important because these frequencies come closest to the natural vibrations of the human body.

MAS Special Multi +

The MAS Special Multi + is available as a complete system including MAS mat and pillow or as a single system with applicator according to your choice.

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