MAS Special Multi +

Professional PEMF system for homeuse

For individuall PEMF applications

Every human is unique. In order to explorethe greatest potential of magnetic therapy, it is important to make it as individual as possible. The MAS Special Multi + is a multifunction device that supports all common parameters of a magnetic field application. It was specially developed for professional home use and is freely programmable in all functions. The pre-installed programs can be individually set and saved.

MAS Special Multi + at a glance

Discover the variety of programs

The MAS Special Multi + is equipped with 94 programs. Depending on the area of application, these programs are divided into 9 program groups. Of course, in addition to the pre-installed programs, all parameters of the magnetic field application can be freely programmed and saved separately in program area IV.

402.98 m copper wire ensure strong performance

MAS magnetic field systems meet the highest quality standards. MAS Special Multi + mats and pillows contain over 400 meters of copper wire. MAS Wellness Systems are able to generate pure sine frequencies. This is particularly important because these frequencies come closest to the natural vibrations of the human body.

MAS Special Multi +

The MAS Special Multi + is available as a complete system including MAS mat and pillow or as a single system with applicator according to your choice.

from € 3,690.00

(single system incl. Tax, excl. shipping)

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