PEMF Systems since 1996


Our founding story

Our company history goes back to the 80s when Ing. Stefan Elmar laid the foundation for today’s technology of MAS magnetic field systems. His daughter fell seriously ill and did not respond to conventional medical therapy. Magnetic therapy was discovered at the time as an alternative treatment method to which his daughter responded extremely positively. Thereupon, PEMF was dealt with intensively and a little later the company Elmer-Medizintechnik was founded. Research, development and the first prototype were soon built. This was based on today’s magnetic field technology – the pure sine frequency and the possibility of individual programming.



The first series production started and the Elmer MFG 30 and Elmer MFG 100 were brought onto the market. The first series production was also equipped with the pure sine frequency and the possibility of individual programmability.


In 1996 the first MAS series was launched. The device has been optically revised and the possibility has been created to save individual programs. The MAS Spezial and MAS Homecare took the Austrian market by storm. Due to the strong demand, the device was also adapted for the veterinary sector, for example to treat horses.


In 2009, the current owner and managing director Harald Ottradovetz took over MAS and continues to run it today with his son Michael Ottradovetz.


In 2012, a new device series was launched that extends the range with portable PEMF devices – the ePAD series. In addition, based on numerous experience reports from MAS users, a PEMF mat for pets was developed. Since the dog and cat lay down on the mat of the users when using the MAS devices, the ePAD Friends was brought onto the market.

MAS today

Today we are a family company based in Styria. In recent years we have moved our entire production from abroad to Austria. This enables us to produce magnetic field systems with the highest quality standards. We sell our products worldwide, but especially in Europe and the USA. Our goal is to sell magnetic field products worldwide with a lot of commitment and passion in order to make a valuable contribution to the well-being of people and animals.

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