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In hectic everyday life it is particularly important to pay attention to the body and personal wellbeing. The ePad Relax stands for relaxation and regeneration. In the car, in the plane, in the office or simply at home, the battery-operated ePad Relax can be easily integrated into everyday life and becomes a constant companion thanks to the flexible strap system. The ePad series is the latest development from MAS. There is no comparable product on the market for pulsating magnetic field devices in terms of mobility, versatility and ease of use.

ePad Relax at one glance

What is inside the mat?

20 micro coils generate a homogeneous magnetic field over the entire surface of the mat. The ePad generates square-wave pulses, which are among the most effective signal forms in PEMF applications. They ensure a particularly effective stimulation of the cells.

Three programs -
easy handling

The three programs of the ePAD Relax enable particularly easy operation and at the same time cover a wide range of applications.

Activation program
8 Hz
Rest program
5 Hz
Meditation progam
3 Hz

Versatile use

The ePad Relax can be used in many ways thanks to the straps system. It can be worn directly on the body, but also e.g. can be flexibly attached to the car seat. The ePad Relax is also allowed planes and is therefore the perfect travel companion. The battery lasts up to 8h * and can be charged almost anywhere via mini USB.

ePad Relax

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