ePad Relax and ePad Relax +
Pulsed magnetic field to go

Relaxation and
wellbeing to go

In hectic everyday life it is particularly important to pay attention to the body and personal wellbeing. The ePad Relax (+) stands for relaxation and recreation. In the car, in the plane, in the office or simply at home, the battery-operated ePad Relax (+) can be easily integrated into everyday life and becomes a constant companion thanks to the flexible strap system. The ePad series is the latest development from MAS. There is no comparable product on the market for pulsating magnetic field devices in terms of mobility, versatility and ease of use.

ePad Relax (+) at one glance

What is inside the mat?

20 Mikro-Spulen erzeugen ein homogenes Magnetfeld auf der gesamten Mattenoberfläche. Das ePad generiert Rechteckimpulse, die zu den effektivsten Signalformen in der PEMF Anwendung zählen. Sie sorgen für eine besonders effektive Stimulation der Zelle.

Three programs -
easy handling

The three programs of the ePAD Relax (+) enable particularly easy operation and at the same time cover a wide range of applications. The ePad generates rectangular pulses and is available in two versions with different programs.

Versatile use

The ePad Relax (+) can be used in many ways thanks to the straps system. It can be worn directly on the body, but also e.g. can be flexibly attached to the car seat. The ePad Relax (+) is also allowed planes and is therefore the perfect travel companion. The battery lasts up to 8h * and can be charged almost anywhere via mini USB.

Available in two versions
ePad Relax

The ePad Relax is the perfect companion to relax. Three gentle programs stimulate body and mind gently and ensure well-being and relaxation.


Activation program
8 Hz

The sensed energy potential of our body determines our day. The ePad Relax’s vitality program lifts the body into an active, relaxed waking state.

Rest program
5 Hz

The relaxation program of the ePad Relax promotes the natural regulation of our activity. After a period of overactivity or nervous tension, our body returns to normal activity potential.

Meditiation program
3 Hz

Sufficiently deep relaxation is an extremely important factor for our mental performance and resilience. The frequency of the meditation program corresponds to the brain waves of people in deep sleep (delta waves). The body calms down and regeneration can be actively promoted.

ePad Relax +

Das ePad Relax + ist der Nachfolger des ePad Sport. Die Programme sind besonders für aktive Menschen zu empfehlen, die Wert auf höhere Frequenzen legen.

Aid program
1500 Hz

Muscles, tendons and joints are often exposed to extreme forces when exercising heavily. Use the acute program like an ice pack directly on the body immediately after or during the demanding activity.

Energy program
8 Hz

Before physical activity, the preparation energy program can be used as a support. Especially during breaks between activities, the energy program can bring the body back to its normal activity potential.

5 Hz

The frequencies of the regeneration program bring the body into a state of total relaxation. The regeneration phase is extremely important for the body, especially after physical activity. With the regeneration program, the body calms down and regeneration can be actively promoted.

ePad Relax (+)

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