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PEMF wellness pad for pets

PEMF therapy for pets

PEMF has long been an established form of therapy, particularly in the treatment of high-performance animals such as competition horses. To support injuries or chronic ailments, to improve general wellbeing or to support prevention – PEMF also has a wide range of applications here. Animals act intuitively. Numerous owners of MAS wellness systems repeatedly report that their pets also make themselves comfortable on the mat during use. MAS saw this as a motivation to develop a PEMF mat especially for pets.

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The ePad Friends is equipped with 60 high-quality copper coils. These generate a homogeneous magnetic field on the entire surface. The magnetic field itself and its programmed frequencies have a positive and stimulating influence on the entire body of the animal. The generated magnetic field easily penetrates cuddly blankets or resting boxes, which means that the ePad can be easily integrated into the animal’s sleeping area. With the appropriate adapter (not included in the delivery) the ePad Friends can also be operated in the car. In addition, all cable connections can be safely stowed in the ePad to prevent bite damage.

Three programs


A lot is demanded of our pets in hectic everyday life. It is all the more important to make your rest phases as pleasant as possible. With the low frequency of the relaxation program, your pet will find a state of deep relaxation.


Simply provide your darling with an extra portion of energy. Whether before or after strenuous training sessions, long walks or in between - the frequency of the energy program ensures an energetic state and supports the regeneration of your animal.


The health program can have a supportive effect, particularly in the case of current or chronic suffering from your four-legged friends. Especially in the area of the joints, the frequencies of the health program can support your animal in self-regulation.

Auto- or

A sensor is installed in the mat of the ePad Friends, which activates the previously set program for 25 minutes. A use several times a day is basically harmless. Most animals enter and leave the mat after a settling-in period at their own terms. Alternatively, the mat can be set to run for 8 hours continous mode.



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